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  • Maanasa Vinay

As we transition to post COVID-19 world, workspace in residences will no longer be an afterthought

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and operate in our daily lives. Lockdown has had a significant impact on our lives at large. Lives will no longer be the same, it also implies that the way we live and act at work has changed forever. Let's have a peek at how this affects the interiors design, architecture and method:

1) Residences will no longer have a home office, but an office at home:

As more and more people work from home, it has become a necessity to accommodate office like space at home. This may be challenging especially in the place where the office space is small & just a desk in the corner. This significantly changes the way the new homes and home office are being designed. Our new design principles are giving rise to how we can create a beautiful, functional home office and transform it into a satellite workplace at home.

2) The influence of physical & mental health is the key:

The importance of physical and mental health has become more prevalent. As interior designers, this new normal & emotional well-being will have to be considered by indoor settings, including lighting, fabrics, sound and acoustics. Interior spaces will include universal cues to help create comfortable social barriers without being distracted, obvious or inaccessible. It is our duty to integrate materials and artifacts to fit these elements into our creation.

3) Physical distance measures will be included in the space plan, ventilation and materials:

As interior designers, there is a need to evaluate what architectural elements we can use to safeguard the safety by including textures, dimensions, physical distances and interactions between objects.

4) The gap between Physical & Virtual spaces has become narrow:

Until now, we have been aware of physical environments and virtual space. This COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we perceived video conferences. Spaces will now be designed keeping this in mind. Acoustics and Lighting considerations will become significant in interiors design of offices at home (home office).

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